Kenyata Garner

Author, Poet, Musician


17 year old Dakota has had a a relatively good life. She’s smart, quiet kept, beautiful, and all around a pretty good kid. But when her only sibling goes off to college, inevitably morphing into someone Dakota doesn’t know, She suddenly finds herself alone. For Dakota, her Junior Year in high school started off fine until a mysterious boy shows up and is seemingly following her every move. Who is he? What does he want? To make matters worse, Dakota is faced with a heartbreaking dilemma as she watches her parents “marriage,” take a turn for the worst. The constant fighting, yelling, screaming, and even physical violence, has seemingly ended their once happy family when an age old secret finally comes to light.

Birds don’t swim in the winter deals with a plethora of emotions, situations, trauma, and normal teenage life. Three teens who have all had to find their way in the world, must keep it together long enough to survive Highschool. Even when the whole world seems to be against them.

Will Dakota be able to find the missing pieces? Can she save her family from their inevitable demise? Can she mend the relationship between her and her only sibling? Or will she cave under the pressure? Read now to find out why Birds, Don’t swim in the winter.

Upcoming releases

When Broken Mirrors Lie

Liam is a well rounded kid. His parents are rich and he seemingly has it all. Except he doesn’t. Driven by the need for his fathers approval, he would do just about anything to gain his fathers pride. But what happens when his world is flipped upside down? Football seems nice but his scrawny frame put up against a tyrant, he doesn’t stand a chance. What if that same Tyrant turns into a monster, and even his own family cannot protect him? Will he take matters into his own hands? Will he finally…”tell?”

A Girl Like Me

A first glance into the life of Author Kenyata Garner’s life. Her story of survival, coming out, and more. This book is filled with love, forgiveness of ones self and looking towards the future. Come what may, Kenyata has lived the journey, and is here to reveal her struggles in this Fiction novel based loosely on her life.

Freedom of The Speechless

Freedom of The Speechless is a book composed of spoken word poetry written over time. Hip hop, rock&roll, and a tall glass of wine combined with everyday life struggles, victories, and a wee bit of humor is sure to be a treat for all those who read.



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